Thailand Adventures Episode 6 – Egg Fruit & Fruit Wholesale Market

In this episode of my fruity Thailand Adventures I got to explore the largest Fruit Market in Chanthaburi & try out Egg Fruit for the first time!

I’ve been to the Ontario Food Terminal before, but the Wholesale Fruit Market in Chanthaburi is a sight to behold!

Yeah it’s cool to see thousands of pounds of fruit like bananas here in Canada, but when you go to a Wholesale Fruit Market and there is Durian as far as the eye can see,┬áit really is something special.

Canistel (also known as egg fruit) has been a fruit I’ve always wanted to try, and boy am I happy I did. The unique flavour, texture, and the whole experience is really great.

Check Out Episode 6 Of My Thailand Adventures In The Video Below:

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