Raw Vegan Cupcakes – Simple Raw Food Recipes

These super sweet raw vegan cupcakes will make your mouth water for sure.

After sifting through the internet for a good raw vegan cupcake recipe, to no surprise, I was pretty let down once again.

It pains me every time I look for raw recipes, as the amount of unhealthy ingredients, or combinations of ingredients, simply baffles me. Almost all of them mix oil & other fats with dates, which does make me worry for people’s blood sugar levels.

The raw vegan cupcakes that I’ve made are as simple as can be, and will leave you with amazing digestion. They contain only 4 ingredients, and aren’t mixing oil & sugar, so you can simply enjoy the deliciousness without having to compromise your health.

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Raw Vegan CupcakesTotal time: 15 minsRaw Vegan CupcakesSummaryThese simple raw vegan cupcakes are sure to curb any person’s sweet tooth with three different layers of sweetness all packed into one delicious recipe.
  • 15 Large Medjool Dates
  • 1/4 Pound Durian Flesh
  • 1/2 Tablespoon Carob
  • 1 Small Apple
  • 1 Cup Water
  1. Pit the dates, and place into the food processor with the S-Blade.
  2. Add the Carob, and let the Food Processor run until the dates start to clump up into a ball and spin around the center. If your dates aren’t fresh, you may need to add small amounts of water to get them to stop being stuck.
  3. Once the dates are fully clumped together, remove them from the food processor & form the base of a cupcake with your hands.
  4. Take the Durian, put it into the food processor with the S-Blade, and let it run until creamy smooth.
  5. Take the Durian Cream, and lay it out on top of your Cupcake.
  6. Slice the apple into small pieces & place evenly on your Cupcake.
  7. Enjoy!
Yield1 Cupcake
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  1. Tash
    7 months ago

    Nice, Robert! Durian frosting. I was thinking about using that as a cream sauce for something today but wondering if it would work for serving it to “durian virgins”. hehe. Have you served these to other people who aren’t fruit-eaters?

  2. Robert Kornacki
    7 months ago

    I haven’t served this to to people who aren’t fruit eaters yet tash, since it’s gone & in my belly long before anyone gets a bite ;) I’m pretty sure if you use a ripe monthong durian so that it is sweet & doesn’t have much or any onion flavour almost anyone would enjoy the cupcake.

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