How To Open A Durian With Ease

How to open a Durian really is easier than you think! 

When first confronting this spiky monster of a fruit, I’m sure it may look quite daunting. 

Where does one even begin? Do you just cut it open just like an orange? 

This is an issue that I know a lot of people face, and if you search on youtube for first-timers trying out their very first Durian, they rarely know how to open a Durian properly.  

Cutting it in half is most people’s first idea, but all that it does is make it a really big pain in the butt when eating, not to mention it makes the Durian look even weirder than it already does (not the best quality for people trying Durian out for the first time).

To Find Out How To Open A Durian And What To Look For When Buying A Durian, Watch The Video Below:

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