28 Day Water Fasting Experience – Week 1

Week 1 of my 28 Day Water Fasting Experience truly kick-started me into further healing.

From the start of the first week, I felt excited to get into the water fast and really explore what it means to abstain from food for multiple days in a row.

While I wasn’t worried, I had heard about the severe cravings that some people get, and was interested to see what would happen to me. I was surprised to find that I really didn’t feel hungry at all. Food was a non-issue, and I enjoyed just being able to be present and enjoy my day.

I felt very sociable and had a lot of conversations with other fasters about how they got into this lifestyle, why they were fasting, and what they were planning to achieve from the fast. I had a great time getting to know a lot of people and I really started to form solid friendships.

Around the 2nd day of the water fasting experience you start to run out of glycogen and start running off fat. This is called Ketosis, and while in this state the body is far less efficient in providing sufficient fuel. Because of this, your mental and physical abilities really do plummet when going through a 28 day water fasting experience. Knowing this, I was intrigued to see how it felt to be in Ketosis and trying to function.

To my surprise it really wasn’t all that bad. Granted my energy was quite a bit lower, and I definitely wasn’t going to be doing any exercise or complicated math problems, I overall felt mentally stable and clear. I was able to keep a positive attitude throughout the entire week, and appreciated feeling what it means to have no carbohydrates to fuel my cells.

While going through a 28 Day water fasting experience weight loss is an obvious side effect. Starting the fast off, I weighed 125.4lbs. By the end of the first week I weighed 113.8lbs.

Weight Lost This Week: 11.6lbs

Now that looks like some crazy fast weight loss in just one week, however most of it was just water weight. The first week of any water fasting experience will always result in rapid weight loss because of all of the stored water leaving your body, as well as your glycogen stores being depleted. While water fasting, you tend to lose about 2lbs of fat every week. Because of this water fasting really isn’t a good way to lose weight, but it still is an excellent way to further your health by far.

Watch the video below to find out what else happened during Week 1 of my 28 Day Water Fasting Experience

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