28 Day Water Fasting Experience – Introduction

Going through a 28 day water fasting experience is truly life changing.

Some would say its absolutely crazy, others would say it is one of the best ways to further your health.

Whatever your opinion on the topic is, there is no doubt that through a 28 day water fasting experience you will have tremendous growth.

I personally went into my 28 day water fasting experience for a multitude of reasons.

These reasons however, were all in part to help me further my understanding of what it means to be healthy. As well, I wanted to see how much growth I would achieve through abstaining food for a large period of time.

In the video below I go over my initiative for the 28 day water fasting experience, what water fasting meant for me, and what issues I wanted solved through the fast.

                                                        Check Out Week 1 Of My 28 Day Water Fasting Experience -> 

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