The purpose of this website is to inspire you to realize just how fun being healthy is!

You shouldn’t be forced to struggle through your day because you are overweight, lethargic, or sick. You should be able to give it your all each and every day while recovering quick and easily so you can continue doing what you love.

This site will give you the tools to get started on improving your health so that you are set on the path of least resistance. You have 100% responsibility for your own health, so why not make the conscious choice of enjoying it? I truly appreciate just how much fun I get to experience each and every day because I chose to focus on my health in 2011.

I started Fruitphile (Meaning fruit lover) because I want to crush the idea that health needs to be a boring chore that you really don’t want to deal with. Instead I will show you that health is one of most exciting and beautiful endeavours you could ever choose to explore into. 

If you are ready to get inspired and dive into the fun-filled adventure of improving your health:
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